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Welcome to Richardson Piano Lessons Tina C. Tsai’s Studio

With over ten years of teaching experience, Tina C. Tsai is an experienced, professional, and passionate teacher of Richardson Piano Lessons, violin, and music theory that is dedicated to fostering musicianship among students of all ages. Richardson Piano Lessons
Graduating from the largest music school in the nation, UNT College of Music, with a piano performance degree and having studied under professors and famous artists like Adam Wodnicki and Krassimira Jordan, it is insured that all students joining Tina C.Tsai’s music studio will be receiving high quality instruction. For more information on Tina C. Tsai please visit the biography section above.

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Every student learning piano and violin from this studio will have an opportunity to perform in front of their peers and family members at least once a year. Tina C. Tsai holds an annual recital every year at the Steinway Center in Dallas where every student has a chance to walk up on stage and play on one of the world’s best piano: a Steinway grand piano.
Music Lesson Options Learn at your own time, pace, and space with different types of music lessons that this Academy offers. You’ll enjoy our:

🎵 Group Lessons: Enjoying and learning the piano and violin in a group setting.
🎵 Skype Lessons: Learning how to play piano and violin through today’s technology.
🎵 Private Lessons: A one on one lesson with the teacher at the Teacher’s Music Studio.
🎵 Commuting Lessons: For students and parents who prefer for the teacher to come to them.