Tina C. Tsai

Tina C. Tsai started playing piano at the age of five and violin at the age of seven. At age 11, she started taking lessons from the artist in residence at Baylor University, Krassimira Jordan after winning a competition that funded her opportunity to attend a piano academy at the University. In elementary school, she was featured on television and a segment was done on her by a news talkshow on her and her prodigious piano playing abilities. She also performed on television. In Middle School, Tina went to Vienna, Salzburg, Budapest, and Prague with her piano teacher to study piano performance and to perform. During her elementary, middle school, and high school years, she played the violin in her schools’ top orchestra. Tina received a scholarship to attend the UNT College of Music so she spent her college years there, majoring in Piano Performance. She also played the violin as a secondary instrument during her four years in College and minored in Music Theory. While in college, Tina started working for a Music Studio and taught children piano and violin. After College, she started her own studio and became the Executive Board President of NTMA (which was the music non-profit organization she started after she graduated) also known as North Texas Music Alumni. Through this organization, she was able to host many faculty-sponsored events at the UNT College of Music that gave students an opportunity to come and learn music with professors. Tina loves working with kids and also teaches music at a Private  School. She now has over 10 years of teaching experience. Tina loves being married to her husband, and in her free time enjoys cooking, reading, and hanging out with friends.

Note from Teacher:

“Music is a universal language that is a means for expressing emotions, finding common ground between different societies, and challenging people to find their own unique voice. Music has been a key ingredient in cultures throughout human history and will continue to be important to cultural development in the future. I believe that the human fascination with music must be encouraged so that it does not dwindle. People must experience music appreciation at every stage in their lives in order to maintain this fascination. In previous years, I have had taught many students but also have held many events at UNT College of Music including Festivals, Academies, Concerts, and Workshops with the help of the UNT piano, keyboard, and violin faculty. My mission now is to create a more broad network of music and will continue to work towards inspiring the new generation with Classical Music. ”