Violin Lessons

Group Violin Lessons:

Offers an interactive musical experience introducing young children to music, song and movement. Students discover basic musical concepts and rhythms that are age apparopriate and presented in a fun, relaxed environment. Classes include basics in keyboard, strings, singing, rhythm, sight reading and theory. A great foundation for children moving on to instrumental studies.

This is a great way for students to learn the fundamentals of music theory and performance with their peers. Through books and learning tools, the teacher will teach no more than 6 students per group lesson to ensure that each student gets the proper attention.

Skype Violin Lessons:

These classes are designed specifically for students who are unable to travel or find means to travel to the lesson. These sessions are great for people who may be out of the area that the lessons are offered in. The student will have to have access to a computer and Skype. The student will view the teacher online and converse with the teacher while playing the violin.

Private Violin Lessons:

Offers one on one class with the teacher and the student – An opportunity to advance in musical studies and a great way to learn how to play the violin without distraction. These sessions are great for learning piano performance and for students who would like individual attention in learning how to play and perform.

Commuting Violin Lessons:

This is essentially the same as a Private Lesson but the teacher will commute to the student’s home. These classes are catered to students and parents who would rather have the teacher come to their home for the classes.

These classes will be offered to people who are living in specific areas only due to the limited amount of travel time the teacher has. Please contact us for more information.

Requirements for all lessons:

  • Student must have a Violin.
  • Once registered, Miss Tina will tell you what kind of violin books and equipment you need to get before you start your lessons.
  • Scheduling will be worked out with the teacher over the phone.
  • If you do not have a violin yet, please consult with the teacher about where and how to obtain one.

    Recitals and Events

    Music for Employees ears

    Violin Lessons Richardson
    Every student learning piano and violin from this studio will have an opportunity to perform in front of their peers and family members at least once a year. Tina C. Tsai holds an annual recital every year at the Steinway Center in Dallas where every student has a chance to walk up on stage and play on one of the world’s best piano: a Steinway grand piano.
    Music Lesson Options Learn at your own time, pace, and space with different types of music lessons that this Academy offers. You’ll enjoy our:

    🎵 Group Lessons: Enjoying and learning the piano and violin in a group setting.
    🎵 Skype Lessons: Learning how to play piano and violin through today’s technology.
    🎵 Private Lessons: A one on one lesson with the teacher at the Teacher’s Music Studio.
    🎵 Commuting Lessons: For students and parents who prefer for the teacher to come to them.